Our Introduction

Learn About NI Women's Budget Group

The NI Women's Budget Group is made up of organisations and individuals from the women's sector, trade union movement, academia, and wider civil society.

Our aim is to implement a gender equal economy. We scrutinise policy and budgetary matters with a gendered lens to bring attention to the different ways in which women and men are affected by government-level decision making.

We aim to provide policy- and budget-makers with policy analysis to secure substantive equality for women and men through the assessment of gender impact.

The Statistics

35.4% of women in Northern Ireland cite family and home responsibilities as the reason for their ‘economic inactivity.’

Married women make 75p less per hour than married men.

Spend per male apprenticeships is 53% higher than spend per female apprenticeships.

The Northern Ireland Women’s Budget Group’s mission is to secure an inclusive and gender equal economy in Northern Ireland and demystify the budgetary process.

At the Northern Ireland Women’s Budget Group, we scrutinise budgets and spending decisions for their gender implications in order to highlight their differential impacts on women, men and other gender identities. We advocate on several policy issues ranging from childcare to social security to the gender pay gap, to name a few. Working at a 5 nations level, a devolved level and a local level, our goal is to achieve gender equality through the reformation of our economic systems.

The NIWBG envisions:

  • An intersectional, green, caring gender-equal economy,
  • The implementation of gender budgeting in all areas of decision-making, so that decision-makers not only recognise and mitigate the systemic disadvantages faced by women, but also promote gender equality through their policies and budgets,
  • A transparent, demystified budgetary process, so that people know where their money is being spent and understand how it is being spent.
The Team

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